Australian Institute of Skills Development is a market leading training and education institution servicing learners from around the globe.

Australian Institute of Skills Development (AISD) is a subsidiary of Vocational Education, Training and Employment Australia Limited (VETEA). VETEA is an Australian-based, public not listed organisation; providing education, training, employment and skills development services. VETEA is a leading vocational training and employment organisation in Australia with a unique concept to offer the training and employment industry.

AISD is leading the way in delivering professional training, Continuing Education Programs, conferences, interactive seminars and large scale summits. Programs have been expertly, and specifically, designed to address gap training and ongoing professional development, covering a wide range of sectors. Through the commitment of a highly skilled team dedicated to the highest standards of quality, services in research, product development and delivery. Our training programs aim to reflect industry needs and expectations, providing our participants with the critical tools to become successful in their chosen career. AISD is positioned to deliver world-class training, with the greatest service possible. Through advanced course structures, expert trainers and an unmatched professional network, AISD has developed a reputation as the institution of choice in industry-approved upskilling and gap-training. AISD has excellent business relationships with over 3,500 leading companies and organisations which cover a wide range of industries within Australia and abroad.

AISD offers the following certification programs:

  • Continuing Education Programs
  • Pre-employment development programs
  • Professional development training
  • Ongoing professional development
  • Interactive seminars, conferences and workshops
  • Business skills development courses
  • National and international internship programs

The friendly team at AISD looks forward to helping you achieve your individual and organisation goals and objectives through your participation in the following short courses as collectively outlined.

Note: AISD reserves the right to cancel a course at short notice if there is a lack of viable student numbers. In this case, enrolled students will be offered the opportunity to attend the course at an alternative time, attend a different course or pay a negotiated training fee.